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The Russian lubricants market is the largest and one of the fastest growing in Europe, despite low growth in recent times due to recession and political factors. According to industry experts, future growth is expected to be significant as the vehicle population builds. Another new area where Russian lubricant producers are seeking international expertise is waste oil re-refining.

CIS Base Oils and Lubricants conference is a must-attend event for all base oils and lubricants producers, additives suppliers and OEMs in Russia and the CIS region.

Key Speakers & Panelists

Over the last four years, the conference has provided the perfect discussion platform to address the pressing issues in the CIS lubricants industry, including strategic plans and forecasts of key base oil producers and lubricant blenders, used oil re-refining and OEM requirements.


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In 2017 we will focus on:
  • Analysis and overview of global supply and demand, balances by regions and groups, and how new capacities across the world will impact the trade flows

  • The latest projects news in Russia, updates from Rosneft and Gazprom Neft, new plants and production statistics

  • Base Oil Logistics in Russia: A key link in the whole value chain. Major trade flows in and out of Russia and CIS

  • Engine oil consumption trends in Russia and the CIS region, import and export volume dynamics

  • Development of hydrocracking catalysts production by Russian companies: how competitive is their product?

  • Industrial lubricants markets: Russian and global outlook, technology and industry trends

  • Trends and opportunities in additives: perspective from major and a new player

  • Key re-refining market trends, growth drivers and restraints

  • End-users’ requirements, recommendations and approval systems

  • An OEM’s perspective on engine oils specifications: the impact of new engine technologies on engine oils specifications

In 2017, we are introducing Industry Awards for the base oils and lubricants sector in the CIS region. The awards will celebrate successes of the industry across the year, highlighting the best companies and executives. The awards Ceremony will be held on 25th May 2017.

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If you need any additional information, if you are interested to speak at the conference, or if you would like to preliminarily discuss the format of your participation and possible involvement, do not hesitate to contact:

Julia Marinchenko
Project Director
T: + 44 (0) 845 868 8234

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