V CIS Base Oils and Lubricants Conference will gather base oils and lubricants producers from across the CIS region, their international peers, major global licensors, additives manufacturers, R&D organisations, service/ equipment providers and the region’s largest end-users.

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A good dose of innovation

Fluid Solutions is an experienced engineering company, which offers turnkey projects for new factories as well as individual design and production systems for optimization of existing production plants. Our main strategy is application of in-house designed machines and hands-on knowledge of highly skilled specialists in order to provide the best solution for our customers. The most important part of our business is to organize customers’ supply chain through a combination of one stop solutions and tailored services, including concept development, basic/details engineering, process simulation, material flow analysis and of course training of the personnel.

In over 30-year history we have built up a large number of first-class references such as BASF, Fuchs, British Petroleum, DÖL, etc.


Technology licensing and catalysts from ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil licenses downstream and chemical manufacturing technologies and offers catalysts that provide significant value to customers. As one of the world’s largest refiners and petrochemical manufacturers, ExxonMobil has extensive engineering and operational experience with these technologies and catalysts.

ExxonMobil offers best-in-class technologies and catalysts for making lubricants and other petrochemical products with growing market demand. These include technology for the manufacture of high quality lube base oils and premium petroleum fuels; a catalytic technology that produces gasoline from methanol derived from natural gas, coal or biomass; catalytic processes for xylenes production; and technologies to produce ethyl benzene and cumene.

ExxonMobil solutions help manufacturers implement best practices that can contribute to cost reduction, margin improvement, environmental compliance, reliability and safety. For more information, visit www.catalysts-licensing.com.


Evonik Oil Additives is the world leader in the field of oil additives production. The product line includes wide range of additives, synthetic base fluids and defoamers. Evonik Oil Additives is part of Evonik Corporation (Germany), formerly known as Degussa. After a series of structural changes and renaming, Evonik business covers now chemicals, power generation and real estate. Evonik Oil Additives produces viscosity index improvers and pour point depressants under “VISCOPLEX” trademark. Evonik actively works in more than 100 countries. Evonik Chimia represents interests of Evonik in the territory of Russia.


Bechtel Corporation is the largest construction and civil engineering company in the United States, and the 9th-largest privately owned American company in 2016. Its headquarters are in the South of Market, San Francisco.



ROWE Mineralölwerk GmbH produces high-technology lubricants MADE IN GERMANY and is a recognized partner of large companies in Germany and around the world. Developed in the in-house laboratory, the products have high quality and maximum efficiency.

ROWE launched in the spring of 2014 the biggest and most modern factory for the production of lubricants in Europe.
In ROWE’s portfolio are: AUTOMOTIVE products, industrial oils and coolants, lubricants and bio-lubricants for the food industry.


Eni is an Italian major integrated energy company which operates in 69 Countries in Upstream, Midstream, Downstream and Chemicals business.

Eni Refining & Marketing operates in the Lube Additives Business through an integrated cycle: research and development, raw materials procurement, production, sales and after-sales service.

Eni Additives offers components and packages meeting the most stringent specifications. Thanks to its technical assistance and logistic structure, Eni Additives sells its products worldwide meeting the needs of small and large customers, acting as a reliable partner to develop tailor-made projects.


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