04 – 05 October   |   Frankfurt, Germany

Ultra-large projects seek to achieve something extraordinary, and in doing so place extraordinary demands on the individuals involved - McKinsey report

Posted on 02-06-2017 by GBC

Cohen Welmertfurt, partner of McKinsey, will deliver a presentation in Frankfurt based on this research at Downstream Project Management.

McKinsey & Company is the trusted advisor and counselor to many of the world’s most influential businesses and institutions. “The art of project leadership: Delivering the world’s largest projects” report was published in September 2017 by Capital Projects & Infrastructure Practice.

The performance of large capital projects has been historically poor and prone to overruns despite extensive research, literature, and practice. Previous work has analysed why these projects have deviated from plan, and many root causes have been identified, largely around the issues related to systems, process, and technical mastery. However, we believe a critical element for successful large project delivery has so far been neglected: specifically the “soft” issues of project delivery such as leadership, organisational culture, mindsets, attitudes, and behaviours of project owners, leaders, and teams. In this report we refer to this blend of soft organisational topics as “the art of project leadership”, as opposed to standards, systems, processes, and technical subject matter expertise which we refer to as project management “science”.

The research is based on the existing literature on the topic and in-depth interviews conducted with 27 large project practitioners.

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