The largest investment project in the history of Mozyr Refinery is on its way

Posted on 30-08-2018, by GBC
Photo source: Mozyr Refinery

This week Mozyr Refinery announced that the production of AI-95 gasoline increased by 8.9% in January-July, compared to the same period of 2017. The increase in gasoline production volumes was made possible through the modernisation of Wet Gas Compressor at the Catalytic Cracking Unit, first on the list of the company’s large-scale modernisation projects.

Mozyr Oil Refinery is actively implementing the largest project in its history, $1.2bln construction of the Black Oil Hydrocracking Plant. The Plant will include a Hydrogen Production Unit, Sulphur Production Unit and 21 auxiliary facilities. This project execution will allow the Mozyr Refinery increasing the oil processing depth up to 90% and incrementing the production of diesel fuel with the sulphur content of 10 ppm at most by more than 800 thousand tonnes.

The implementation of the project will improve refinery yield and increase the production of diesel fuel and hydrotreated vacuum gas oil, while the production of fuel oil will go down. The sulphur content of fuel oil will also decrease to 1%. The modernisation will boost the quality of refined products and increase refinery yield — to 88-90 percent from the current 70-75 percent – and will result in the increase of recovery of light oil products to 66 percent from the current 55 percent.

After the project completion, Mozyr Refinery plans to construct a Catalytic Reforming Unit with a Continuous Catalyst Regeneration and a Vacuum Gas Oil Hydrocracking Unit.

Mozyr Refinery General Director, Vitaly Pavlov, will be participating in Downstream Project Management conference in Frankfurt.

Sources: Belta, Slavneft