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Gary Ingram, VP Exploration & Appraisal at OMV talked to Wood Mackenzie about the company challenges and digitalization

Posted by GBC on 08-09-2018

Wood Mackenzie shared a video interview with Gary Ingram, VP Exploration & Appraisal at OMV.

What are your business challenges?

“The key thing here is to ensure that we are planishing our portfolio with high-quality opportunities and that we rank them in a very disciplined way. I have a global view, where we put our money, our investments. We are not focusing on one region, we are focusing globally. What is ranking the best? But the key thing is to be carrying out our study, our project to actually select areas to where we will go and seek new opportunities.

Another challenge is, of course, to ensure that after this period of being in the downturn, that we do go on and carrying out our operations and activities, that they are of very high quality. That we stil make sure that nobody gets injured and that we are not doing anything that harms the environment. The paramount is safety of people, the integrity of drilling operations and efficiency they are of”

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Gary Ingram is attending Black Sea Oi&Gas in Bucharest. Check how to register here