October 2019   |   Black Sea region

How should you anticipate risks associated with oil spills?

Posted by GBC on 10-09-2018

What can we learn from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010? How can we avoid unfortunate tragedies and casualties in the future? Deepwater drilling in the Black Sea has a higher risk of an accident, therefore, tougher preventive measures must be in place. Without careful consideration and preventive measures, any exploration project has a potential to turn into a catastrophe.

6th Black Sea Oil and Gas conference identified the issue. One of the sessions is dedicated to Health and Safety in oil and gas sector. European Commission’s Offshore Safety Team Leader Joerg Koehli will deliver a presentation on “Experiences with the Offshore Safety and the way forward”. Delegates will have an opportunity to engage with Mr Koehli regarding the European regulations and obligations of Health and Safety.

Followed by Peter Taylor, Manager at Oil Spill Preparedness Regional Initiative (OSPRI) sharing expert overview of the relevance of the oil spill preparedness and its relevance in the Black Sea. Foreseeing the dangers is vital in the new developments when it comes to deep water explorations. ACROPO Chairman Constantin Gheorghe will discuss the strategy to improve the emergency response in the region. New regulatory initiatives in the field of environmental safety will be addressed with attention to previous experiences.

Health and Safety session grants the opportunity for Black Sea stakeholders to address key experts to ethically and safely implement the necessary measures. Promoting a safe environment remains an important priority for the industry as accidents lead to costly consequences. Do not miss the opportunity to comprehensively cover the issue. Register your interest to participate and meet the experts in a focused session at the Black Sea Oil and Gas conference in Bucharest.


Georgios Panopoulus, Chairman & CEO, MANAGEMENT FORCE GROUP