7 – 8 November 2018  |  Kazan, Russia

What's next? Kazanorgsintez presents roadmap until 2020

Posted on 12-09-2018  by GBC 
This year, the Oil and Gas Petrochemical Forum was dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the industrial development of oil fields in Tatarstan and number of local oil & gas operators participated in the event. 

Kazanorgsintez was amongst them, were company presented investment programme adopted for 2018-2020.  The programme covered the following points:
  • Increase the production of ethylene due to thepropane scheme, which is aimed at solving the shortage of ethane raw materials;
  • Modernization of the polycarbonate plant, after which the capacity should grow to 100,000 tonnes per year;
  • Introduction of technologies for the production of cumene using heterogeneous zeolite catalyst on bisphenol A,” the expert said.
The work on the investment programme has already begun. Part of the measures to increase the capacity of propane raw materials will be carried out during the overhaul this autumn.
Source : Realnoe Vremya

More information about investment activities of downstream companies in Tatarstan will be presented at Downstream Tatarstan 2018.