04 – 05 December   |   Almaty, Kazakhstan


Posted by GBC 13-09-2018

Kazakhstan is actively developing its oil refining industry. According to international experts, the republic has vast opportunities to establish itself on the international arena in this field. With the completion of modernization of the Shymkent and Atyrau refineries, Kazakhstan will increase production volumes of the K4 class petroleum and diesel fuel. Three refineries will produce 900,000 tonnes of high-quality RT aviation kerosene for export. Specialists believe that it will create demand amongst large airlines.
Jean-Philipe Tadiello, Air Liquide: “We see that there is a lot of development of the refineries in Atyrau and Shymkent and also here and Kazakhstan is a very large country and we are sure that the petrochemical business will develop. There are own resources also.”
Meanwhile, 50,000 tonnes of light petroleum will be shipped to neighbouring Kyrgyzstan starting next month. Kazakh officials are set to expand the export markets for the Kazakh oil products.
Shukhrat Danbay, Managing Director for Refining, Kazmunaygas: “Based on the bilateral agreement signed and approved between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, we are planning to ship the first consignment of the 92nd petroleum in October. These are the results regarding the balance of oil products. The Pavlodar Refinery resumed production of the high-quality aviation fuel of the RT type. Currently, airlines expressed their interest in purchasing these products and it affected the prices in the domestic market. The wholesale prices dropped almost by 20-30 per cent.”
Kazakhstan is set to continue developing the oil refinery sector. Government officials started developing the preliminary feasibility study for Kazakhstan’s fourth oil refinery that will be launched in the country in addition to the existing refineries. There are currently three operational refineries in Kazakhstan. The reconstruction of the Atyrau and Pavlodar Refineries will fulfil Kazakhstan’s demand for fuels. Based on estimation, more high-octane petroleum will be required in the future in Kazakhstan.
Magzum Mirzagaliyev, Deputy Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan: “The Government pays great attention to the transit potential with the opening of the new transport routes, such as Western Europe – Western China. All these factors are covered in the feasibility study of the new fourth refinery. We also need to address the refinery’s capacity and location, whether it should be located near resources or consumers.”
Source: Kazakh TV