07 – 08 November 2018  |  Kazan, Russia

Tatneft presents its development strategy until 2030

Posted on 10-02-2018  by GBC 

Investment plan makes up 18 billion dollars and is promised to increase the capitalization of the company by 50% in the base case scenario. While the initiative is mostly focused on exploration & production, it also outlines plans for downstream operations of the company.
Refining segment accounts for about 23% of the company’s growth by 2030. Tatneft plans to invest 194 billion roubles in the refining segment, where the largest share will go to TANECO – 164 billion roubles. TANECO aims to increase light products’ yield up to 89% and the processing depth up to 99% by 2030.
As a result, the volume of oil refining should grow almost twice from 8.2 million tons in 2017 to 15.3 million tons in 2030. Diesel fuel will become the key product of the TANECO refining basket by 2030 – the volume of its production will increase 5 times up to 7.4 million tons per year. Besides increasing profits, it will allow TANECO to adjust to the tax maneuver parameters.
By the end of 2018, TANECO plans to start production of gasoline with a capacity of 1.1 million tons per year. The construction of a catalytic reformer is being completed. It will produce the final high-octane component of gasoline. In the late November, TANECO will launch a gasoline mixing unit. “After that, we are ready to produce high-quality gasoline Euro-5, AI-95 and AI-92,” – said the director for technical support and quality at TANECO, Ilshat Salakhov. In turn, by 2019 it is planned to launch the hydrotreating heavy gas oil coking unit, which will allow generating an additional component for the release of 98 gasoline. It is expected to start production of 98 gasoline by 2023.
Tatneft also aims at developing their presence in the petrochemicals market, with investments accounting for more than 70 billion rubles.
Tatneft plans to process 390 thousand tons of raw materials and produce 247 thousand tons of polypropylene, 50 thousand tons of maleic anhydride and 10 thousand tons of acrylonitrile and carbon fiber. Tatneft states that the main focus of petrochemical division will be on high-margin and import substitution products. Production of petrochemicals will start only in 2024.
The strategy of Tatneft, Taneco and other major downstream players in Tatarstan will be discussed in greater detail and presented by the project owners themselves at the Downstream Tatarstan conference on 7-8 of November in Kazan.  
Source: Tatneft