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Tatneft will start producing maleic anhydride

Posted on 17-10-2018  by GBC 

Tatneft petrochemical holding plans to organize the production of maleic anhydride as part of the development strategy until 2030.

Tatneft intends to begin production of maleic anhydride in Russia by 2024. Now the share of imports of this raw material reaches 100%. This follows from the company’s Development Strategy until 2030.

The Board of Directors of Tatneft Group approved the document on September 26, 2018. One of the key focuses of development – gas and petrochemicals. From 2019 to 2030, the company intends to invest 70.6 billion roubles (excluding VAT) in the development of the production of the following products: polypropylene, carbon fibre, acrylonitrile and maleic anhydride with a total capacity of 317 thousand tons per year.

At the first stage after the launch in 2024, the site will supply the market with 247 thousand tons of polypropylene, 50 thousand tons of maleic anhydride, acrylonitrile and carbon fibre – 10 thousand tons each.

At the end of August, CEO of Tatneftekhiminvest-Holding – Rafinat Yarullin, in an interview with RBC-Tatarstan, stated that the project on maleic anhydride is feasible for the company, and the necessary resources are available. For its implementation, Tatneft will need a maximum of two years.

“Associated petroleum gas propane – butane is the raw material for many components. And one of them, which is not produced in Russia, is maleic anhydride, which is 100% imported from abroad”, said Yarullin.