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Kazanorgsintez replaced four cracking furnaces

Posted on 23-11-2018  by GBC 

Photo and news source: Rupec

To commemorate its 60-anniversary Kazanorgsintex presented four new cracking furnaces at E-200 unit of the ethylene plant. Four new cracking furnaces after commissioning should replace ten old furnaces. The revamping of the furnace block shall improve the efficiency of existing production and increase production of ethylene for 17 thousand tonnes.

“The ethylene plant is the key element of Kazanorgsintez, and the cracking furnaces are in fact its heart. The new furnace block will perform almost half of our ethylene production. The unit is serious, expensive and required significant investments, but the furnace would have remained a pile of metal, if there had not been our team. Our employees are the most valuable asset of Kazanorgsintez”, Ruslan Shigabutdinov emphasized.


The technological process on the new furnace block is fully automated. Here remote control and control of the operation of cracking furnaces from the control room has been established. Other measures have been taken to ensure the industrial safety of the facility: pipelines for the supply of feedstock and fuel gas are equipped with high-speed shut-off valves, sensors for pressure, temperature and flow measuring, signaling devices for limiting values of pressure for feedstock supply.


“The new cracking furnaces will be more efficient, will provide more stable operation and will meet all environmental standards,” Farid Minigulov said.


The construction of new furnaces was carried out from May 2017 to November 2018. Technip Benelux B.V.(Netherlands) became the developer of the basic design, equipment was supplied by Technip Benelux B.V. (Netherlands) as well.

Eight out of ten old furnaces will be taken out of operation and will be demolished. Two furnaces will remain in operation.