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Bashneft plans to launch primary processing units

Posted on 20-12-2018  by GBC 
Bashneft (controlled by Rosneft) has invested more than 9 billion roubles in the modernization and maintenance of the refining complex in recent years. Such information was given by the company’s president, Andrey Shishkin, at an unplanned meeting of shareholders.
“In 2017-2018, investments amounted to more than 9 billion roubles. This allows increasing the reliability and safety of the (oil refining) complex,” A. Shishkin stated (quoted by “Inform-Devon”).
He recalled that last year biological treatment facilities were reconstructed at the site of “Ufaneftekhim”. This year, the recovery of the hydrocracking installation, which was affected by the fire in 2016, continues.
The plans of Bashneft include the construction of new primary processing plants AVT-6 and delayed coking at Bashneft-UNPZ. In addition to the modernization of the factories, a “worn-out part” of the processing complex is being restored.
At the petrochemical plant “Bashneft” – “Ufaorgsintez” – the installation of cumene production was launched. Next in line, as A. Shishkin noted, is the construction of new olefin production units.
In January-November 2018, Bashneft’s refineries processed 16.4 million tons of crude oil. The refining depth was 82.8%, the yield of light oil products was 65.5%, the Nelson index was 10.4. Sales of petroleum products at gas stations “Bashneft” increased by 13.2% to 1.7 million tons.
The Bashneft group includes three oil refineries – Ufaneftekhim, Ufa Refinery, Novoil. The installed capacity of oil refineries is 24.1 million tons. The Ufa Refinery with a capacity of 7.5 million tons of oil refining produces Euro-4 and Euro-5 classes, liquefied gases and a number of other products.