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Grodno Azot is looking for an EPC contractor for their new nitrogen complex

Posted by GBC on 21-12-2018

Source: Rupec

In 2019 OJSC Grodno Azot will announce a tender for the selection of a general contractor for the construction of a new nitrogen complex, Belarusian media reported with reference to Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Igor Lyashenko.
“All participants with experience in this field are invited. Commissioning of the complex will allow increasing the production of nitrogen fertilizers by more than 1.5 times. Accordingly, we obtain an additional economic effect. The cost of fertilizers at the new complex will be 15% lower than at the current one,” said Igor Lyashenko.
In October, it was reported that Belarus could attract Chinese partners for the construction of the facility. Investments in the project at that time were indicated at $ 3.1 billion.
In May, the then chairman of Belneftekhim, Igor Lyashenko, invited the Russian side to take part in the project to build a new nitrogen plant in Belarus.
At the beginning of the year a preliminary configuration of the project was announced. It was reported that the capacity of the ammonia production complex will be 875 thousand tons, for carbamide – 1.225 million tons, and hydrogen – 200 million cubic meters per year. As of February, it was planned to invest $ 1.3 billion in the creation of production. Production will be put into operation in 2024. The project payback period will be about 10 years.
The deep modernization of the Grodno Azot will cost about $ 400 million. The company will partially finance the work, it is planned to attract loans, according to preliminary calculations, in the amount of $ 287 million at 6% per annum.
Today, Grodno Azot is the only producer of nitrogen fertilizers in the country and a major supplier of polyamides. In October 2011, Khimvolokno OJSC became part of the enterprise. Belarus owns 99.97% of Grodno Azot shares, Belneftekhim is in charge of operational management.