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CIS Gas monetisation projects overview

Posted by GBC 29.01.19


16 investment projects over 13 years (two projects to be commissioned in 2022)

United Chemical Company’s Shchekinoazot is implementing a major technical and technological revamp of its production.
According to the official website, two investment projects are due to be completed in the coming years: new methanol production facilities (M-500) and nitric acid and ammonium nitrate production complex.
Both projects totalling 18 bn RUB of investments are scheduled to be commissioned in 2022. With construction permits available, Shchekinoazot is now preparing the construction site.

Decision makers from most of these projects are joining the CIS Gas Monetisation conference on 9-10 of April in Moscow.

Nakhodka Fertilizer Plant

World’s biggest fertilizer producer in Nakhodka

Nakhodka Fertlizer Plant is a large-scale investment project for the construction of a mineral fertilizers production complex. It includes one methanol production unit of 1.8 MTY and two ammonia production units of 1.8 MTY. According to Rupec, the investment project is expected to total 6.3 bn USD.
The project financing stage is currently underway. A consortium of Russian and international commercial banks is reported to provide loan for the project.


KuibyshevAzot to build an urea production unit

According to reports in late 2018-early 2019, KuibyshevAzot PJSC is implementing two major projects with a total investment portfolio of 13 bn RUB, involving the construction of two production units – for ammonium nitrate granulation and urea granulation.
The design documents for the urea production unit received a positive evaluation by private experts in December 2018. The next step will be – obtaining construction permits.
The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2020 with the daily output of 1.5 KT of urea and 2.3 KT of ammonium nitrate.


Urea-2700: Uralchem to start a new project while running current production

A leading European producer of mineral fertilizers is planning to boost its urea production. The project name is self-explanatory – Urea-2700 – as the project output is expected to grow from 1,930 to 2,700 t/day.
The project is scheduled for 2019-2021. The total investment is estimated at 650 mn RUB.
Deep integration into ongoing production is the hallmark of the project. According to Alexey Averyanov, Director of Perm Mineral Fertilizers, a branch of Uralchem, it dramatically complicates the project implementation from the engineering perspective and requires careful planning.


KazAzot planning more ammonium nitrate and MTO

KazAzot JSC, the biggest and the only producer of mineral fertilizers in Kazakhstan, is boosting its ammonium nitrate production capacity.
The key goal of the project totalling 79M USD (30 bn KZT) is to increase the total ammonium nitrate output by 20 KT. The project is planned to be commissioned in mid-2019.
In the mid-2018, it was announced that KazAzot JSC is also looking into a joint venture to build an MTO gas chemical facility. Once completed, the planned output will reach 1 MTY of methanol and 1.2 MTY of nitrogen fertilizers. The MTO technology will raise production of olefins to 600 KT. The project is expected to attract $348 mn of investment.
If the plans are fulfilled, KazAzot’s annual production will increase by 400 KTY of methanol and 600 KTY of nitrogen fertilizers.

Grodno Azot

In-depth modernization and a major investment project at Grodno Azot

Grodno Azot JSC is the sole producer of nitrogen fertilizers in Belarus, with the construction of a new nitrogen complex being its top priority.
The project scale is impressive and the investment size arguably implies the construction of a whole new plant.
With the launch planned in 2024, the project is currently selecting its general contractor. The investment required is estimated at 3.1 bn USD.
The post-project annual production capacity is anticipated at 875 KTY of ammonia, 1,225 MTY of urea and 200 MCUM of hydrogen.

Acron Group

Acron Group plans construction of two nitric acid production units

2019 is expected to be quite busy for Acron Group that has recently started the planning of the construction of two nitric acid production units.
The units are designed to produce jointly 270 KTY of nitric acid.
Another project to construct a 2 KT/day granulated urea production unit is also underway.