11 – 12 April 2019  |   Moscow, Russia

ForteInvest plans to build a petrochemical plant

Posted by GBC on 06-02-2019 

Source: Rupec

Evgeniy Akopov, Head of Refining and Petrochemicals Development at ForteInvest will take part at the CIS Petrochemicals conference on 11-12 of April in Moscow

ForteInvest (PFG “SAFMAR”) plans to build a plant for the processing of petroleum gas in the Orenburg region. A total of 20 billion roubles have been invested, the press office of regional government officials said.

During the meeting with the regional governor, M. Gutzeriev – Head of Forteinvest company, has announced the plans to increase the amount of produced oil as well as plans for two new investment projects, which are being prepared.

First project is the construction of the 200-kilometer long oil pipeline to transport the explored oil, with estimated investments amounting to 12.5 to 13 billion roubles. Second project is the gas processing plant to process the associated gas, construction of which is estimated to cost 20 billion roubles. Also, during this meeting M.Gutzeriev  spoke about the Orsk Refinery modernization project.

“We have finished the first stage of Orsk refinery modernization, investments in which amounted to over $1 billion. Now we are starting the second stage – construction of the coker unit. Our plan is to turn the Orsk refinery into a petrochemical complex with a capacity of deep refining and production of complex petrochemical products” – says M.Gutzeriev.

“Orsknefteorgsyntez” is a major refinery in the Orenburg region, with a refining capacity of 6.6 million tons per year. The company produces gasoline, diesel fuel, road bitumen and base oils.