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60% of polyethylene and polypropylene produced by ZapSibNeftekhim will be exported

Posted on 07-02-2019  by GBC 

Sibur is the lead partner of the CIS Petrochemicals conference and a large delegation of senior representatives will attend the event

After the launch of the petrochemical complex ZapSibNeftekhim, about 60% of the polyethylene and polypropylene produced at the plant are planned to be exported to Europe, Turkey and Asia. China is the priority market, where about 30% of volumes will be shipped. This was reported by “NIK” in the press service of SIBUR.

After the complex reaches its full capacity, exports of polypropylene can be up to 300 thousand tons per year, polyethylene – up to 900 thousand tons per year.
However, the exact export figures will depend on the needs of the Russian market.
“For example, the start-up of polypropylene production at the Tobolsk enterprise of SIBUR in 2013 stimulated a visible increase in domestic demand,” the press service noted, stressing that the capacities of ZapSibNeftekhim will allow Russia to meet the demand for polyolefins.
“The launch of the new complex will require the involvement in processing of a larger amount of LPG, so we will gradually reduce external sales of this product by about 3 million tons per year,” the press service said.
The launch of Sibur’s ZapSibNeftekhim complex in Tobolsk is scheduled for 2019. The project involves the construction of a pyrolysis unit with a capacity of 1.5 million tons per year of ethylene, 500 thousand tons of propylene and 100 thousand tons of butane-butylene fraction per year, as well as various grades of polyethylene with an aggregate capacity of 1.5 million tons per year and installations for the production of polypropylene at 500 thousand tons per year.

Source :  SIBUR