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Romgaz increased production with putting into operation new capacities in Caragele Block

Posted by GBC on 07-02-2019

Photo source: Energy Industry Review

Increasing production, ongoing major investments, and continuous modernization are the main strategic objectives of Romgaz in 2019 – the company press release reports with reference to Adrian Volintiru, Romgaz CEO. 

Romgaz production significantly increased in 2019 through the exploitation of new production capacities put into operation in Caragele Block.

The increase of production was mainly due to the completion of Caragele – Galbenu collector of 16 km in December, and by putting into production wells Tapu 1, Buza de Nord and Beudiu in Q3 2018, it was possible to increase the daily production of this reservoir by approximately 800 thousand cubic meters. Thus, the total 2018 production of Caragele reservoir was of 225.894 million cm, representing 4.2 % of Romgaz total gas production – said Adrian Volintiru

Identification of onshore resources, as well as the Iernut and Mintia power plants, are among the company priorities in 2019. Romgaz plans investments in upgrading and predictive maintenance. As regards the Iernut Power Plant, the project is currently 74% complete and the process is being accelerated by working in two shifts during the cold season as well, so that the project to be completed in 2020.