09 – 10 April 2019   |   Moscow, Russia

Phosagro increases production of nitrogen fertilizers

Posted by GBC on 06-02-2019

Source: RUPEC

PhosAgro increased the production of nitrogen fertilizers by 22.4% to 2.12 million tons for 2018. Sales of nitrogen fertilizers increased by 35.9%, according to Rupec.

Over the past year, the company produced 1.59 million tons of carbamide (+ 28.4%), 533 thousand tons (+ 7.4%). NPK production amounted to 2.8 million tons (+ 9.1%), DAP / MAP – 2, 99 million tons (-0.3%).

“PhosAgro further expanded direct access to priority sales markets, increasing sales by 9%. Finally, following the first full year of operation of ammonia, our production complex in Cherepovets now fully satisfies its own needs for this important raw material, which allowed us to strengthen our leading position in the sector’s cost curve,” commented on the operational results for 2018 Director General of PhosAgro Andrei Guriev

Sales of all types of fertilizers in 2018 increased by 9%, compared with the previous year – up to 8.8 million tons. The strongest growth was observed in North America, where sales grew by 78%, compared with 2017, to 1.1 million tons. This happened “due to a shortage of phosphate fertilizers in the region after the closure of production facilities in Florida”.

Supplies to Latin America in 2018 increased by 24% to 2 million tons, thanks to high sales of nitrogen fertilizers directly to end users (an increase of 59% compared with 2017).

Sales in Europe in 2018 increased by 11%, compared with the previous year, to 2.1 million tons. Sales in the Russian market in 2018 increased by almost 5% and amounted to 2.4 million tons.