11 – 12 April 2019  |   Moscow, Russia

Unmatched lineup of petrochemical project owners confirmed for CIS Petrochemicals 2019

Posted on 01-03-2018  by GBC 

We are pleased to publish the list of representatives of petrochemical project owners attending the conference in Moscow (11-12 April 2019).

Mikhail Karisalov, General Director, Chairman of the Board SIBUR
Vladimir Razumov, Deputy Chairman of the Board, SIBUR
Aleksey Agapkin, Chief Digital Officer, SIBUR
Dmitry Stepkin, R&D Director, SIBUR
Dmitry Kuzin, Chief Technologist – Head of Technical Department, SIBUR-Kstovo
Evgeniya Pilipenko, Director of Infrastructure Projects & Deals, SIBUR
Timur Shigabutdinov, Deputy General Director, Nizhnekamskneftehim
Denis Maksimov, Head of New Production Development, Nizhnekamskneftekhim
Dmitry Galanin, Head of Technological Evaluation of Projects, Nizhnekamskneftekhim
Marat Fatykhov, Chief Technologist – New Petrochemical Complex Project Office, Tatneft
Nail Khairullin, Head of Chemicals Development – New Petrochemical Complex Project Office, Tatneft
Albert Grats, Deputy Director of Petrochemical Development – New Petrochemical Complex Project Office, Tatneft
Artem Strelchenok, Deputy Head of Business Strategy Development, Tatneft
Mikhail Belousov, Deputy Head of Strategic Planning, Tatneft
Airat Safin, Director of Ethylene Plant, Kazanorgsintez
Carlos Mondolfi, Project Director Refining and Petrochemical Joint Projects Development, Rosneft
Igor Klimov, Deputy Director, Department of Petrochemicals, Rosneft
Pavel Boev, Project Manager, Petrochemical Project Development Department, Rosneft
Sergey Gilmutdinov, Deputy Director, Department of Petrochemicals, Rosneft
Nikolai Kashirin, First Deputy General Director for Production, Ufaorgsintez
Sergey Sinigsky, Director of Petrochemicals, Bashneft
Vera Evdokimova, Head of Technological Production Support Department, Bashneft
Rustem Gimaletdinov, Vice President, Refining, Petrochemicals and Gas Processing, Lukoil
Alexey Antonov, Head of Project Execution & Construction Department, Lukoil
Ivan Odnolko, Head of Business Optimisation, Lukoil
Yegor Ukhov, Acting Head of the Petrochemical Development Department, Lukoil
Andrey Bogdanov, General Director, Lukoil Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez
Vladimir Shulyndin, General Director, Saratovorgsintez
Evgeny Suzdaltsev, Deputy General Director for Production, Stavrolen
Vyacheslav Nikolenko, Head of Technological Production, Stavrolen
Alexey Prokopenko, Chief Engineer, Stavrolen
Anatoly Afonin, General Director, Stavrolen
Peter Skelly, Project Director, Carbon Holdings (Egypt)
Yury Rubin, CFO, Irkutsk Oil Company
Kirill Maksimov, Business Development Manager, SOCAR RUS
Oleg Vedernikov, Head of Refining and Petrochemicals Development Department, Gazprom Neft
Vladimir Dubok, Director of Development and New Technologies, Titan Group of Companies
Anatoly Sendel, Deputy General Director for Production, Titan Group of Companies
Evgeny Mulkeev, Head of the Central Factory Laboratory, Omsk Rubber
Sergey Sergeev, Head of Technical Department, Omsk Rubber
Orkhan Aliyev, Deputy General Director for Business Development, SOCAR RUS
Ildus Nasyrov, Deputy Director for Production, TAU “NefteKhim”
Oleg Shurupov, Production Director, TAU “NefteKhim”
Alexey Bokin, Advisor to the General Director, TAU “NefteKhim”
Alexander Kovleshenko, Head of Development and Investment, TAU “NefteKhim”
Oleg Vedernikov, Head of Refining and Petrochemicals Development Department, Gazprom Neft
Mikhail Reshetov, Head of Strategic Planning, Refining and Petrochemicals Development Department, Gazprom Neft
Alexey Zadorin, Head of Perspective Development and Conceptual Engineering, Gazprom Neft
Alexander Startsev, Director for Investment and Capital Construction, Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat
Rustem Murtazin, Head of Production Development Department, Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat
Dmitry Logoza, Chief Technologist, Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat
Alexander Shvedov, General Director, GTM ONE
Yuri Kosko, Chief Engineer of the Plant, Polymir (Naftan)
Ivars Koren-Korenevskis, Deputy Chief Engineer for Advanced Development, Polymir (Naftan)
Victoria Fonina, Head of the Technical Department of the Plant, Polymir (Naftan)
Vladimir Sizov, Deputy Chairman of the Concern, Belneftekhim
Vitaly Chernousov, Head of Oil Refining, Belneftekhim
Evgeny Akopov, Head of Refining and Petrochemicals Development Department, ForteInvest
Gennady Ushakov-Dobrov, Director of the Department for the Development of Innovative Technologies, New Stream