09 – 10 April 2019   |   Moscow, Russia

List of project owners attending the CIS Gas Monetisation conference

Posted by GBC on 05.03.2019


We thought we should share the list of the project owners attending the CIS Gas Monetization conference and not keep it to ourselves.

The event takes place on the 9-10 of April in Moscow and the registration process is in full swing now. Senior representatives of 30 local gas-to-chemicals companies have already confirmed their participation, many of them are sending big delegations.

Please see the latest (as per 21.03.2019) list below:

Mikhail Yaskevich, Chief Engineer, Acron
Oleg Alekperov, Deputy Head of Methanol and Formaldehyde Production, Acron
Anatoliy Zhukov, Head of FormaldehydeMethanol and Formaldehyde Production, Acron
Aleksey Makarov, Vice President for Capital Construction, Acron
Vitaly Protasov, Business Development Director, Baltic Gas Chemical Company
Grigory Omelchenko, General Director, Baltic Gas Chemical Company
Elena Provado, Chief Specialist of the Department of Mineral Fertilizers, Belneftekhim
Damir Zagidullin, Vice President, Corporate Finance, Carbon Holdings
Ivan Timoshilov, Investment analyst, ESN Group
Michael Shishkanov, Deputy Director for Investments, ESN Group
Alexander Lukin, Advisor to CEO, Eurochem
Anastasiya Kozhevnikova, Corporate Finance Manager, Eurochem
Evgeniy Onatskiy, Head of the Department, Sales of Industrial Products, Eurochem
Roman Belyaev, Marketing Manager, Eurochem
Vladimir Akishin, Head of Conceptual Analysis and Gas Commercialisation Division, Gazprom Neft
Roman Zhirov, Head of Gas Commercialization Programs, Gazprom Neft
Kirill Kolonskikh, Deputy Executive Director for New Projects, Gazpromneft Razvitie
Prakash Kejriwal, Director, Indorama Corporation
Dmitriy Makarov, Deputy General Director, Kemerovo Azot
Sergey Anikushin, Chief Engineer, Kuybyshevazot
Andrey Bylinin, Commercial Director, Kuybyshevazot
Nikolay Pazov, Head of Technical Development Department and Capital Investment, Kuybyshevazot
Dmitriy Rybkin, Marketing Director, Kuybyshevazot
Elijah Andjelich, Managing Director, Petrochemical Projects, Lukoil
Diana Mironova, Chief Specialist, Development of Petrochemistry, Lukoil
Konstantin Tarasov, Development of Petrochemistry, Senior Manager, Lukoil
Sergey Kolyada, Senior Manager, Business Development and Analysis, Lukoil
Egor Ukhov, Senior Manager, Development of Petrochemistry, Lukoil
Vladimir Skubin, Deputy Director, Materials development for pipeline industry, Metaclay
Maria Khalizeva, Deputy Department Director for Innovative Technologies, New Stream
Dmitriy Galanin, Deputy Head of New Production Development and Management, Nizhnekamskneftekhim
Denis Maksimov, Head of the Department for the Development and Organization of New Productions, Nizhnekamskneftekhim
Yuriy Kosko, Chief Engineer, Polymir
Ivars Koren-Korenevskis, Deputy Chief Engineer for Perspective Development, Polymir
Viktoriya Fonina, Head of Technical Department, Polymir
Mariya Halatina, Chief Specialist, Rosneft
Olga Soshina, Manager, Rosneft
Nikita Golovkin, Head of Gas Business Planning, Effectiveness Management and Development, Rosneft
Igor Klimov, Deputy Director of Oil & Gas Chemicals Department, Rosneft
Pavel Boev, Project Manager, Head of Project Development Department, Rosneft
Oleg Ivkin, Head of the design of technological installations, Ruskhimcom
Aleksey Vertyagin, Project Manager, Ruskhimcom
Vsevolod Bebutov, Deputy General Director for Economic Development, SBU Azot
Gennadiy Danilov, Deputy CEO, Sibmetakhim
Vasiliy Kurilo, General Director, Sibmetakhim
Vladimir Leonov, Senior Expert, Sibur
Aleksey Ioffe, Chief Expert, Business Development, Sibur
Aleksey Frolov, Chief Expert of Analytical Center, Sibur
Viktor Blinkov, Chief Specialist of Investment Projects Realisation, Stavrolen (Lukoil)
Igor Kovalenko, Deputy General Director for Capital Construction, Stavrolen (Lukoil)
Marat Fatykhov, Chief Technologist, Tatneft
Albert Grats, Deputy Director of Petrochemical Development Department, Tatneft
Mikhail Belousov, Deputy Head of Strategic Planning Department, Tatneft
Nail Khayrullin, Head of Gas Monetisation Projects Development Office, Tatneft
Mingazi Gibadukov, Chief Technologist, Tatneftekhiminvest-Holding
Aleksey Bokin, Advisor to General Director, Tau Neftekhim
Ildus Nasyrov, Deputy Director for Production, Tau Neftekhim
Oleg Shurupov, Director for Production, Tau Neftekhim
Aleksandr Kovleshenko, Head of Development and Investment Management, Tau Neftekhim
Pavel Ivanov, Deputy CEO, Tekhnoleasing
Anatoly Sendel, Deputy General Director for Production, Titan, Group of Companies
Vladimir Dubok, Director for Development and New Technologies, Titan, Group of Companies
Vladimir Chabrov, General Director, Tomet
Rustem Latypov, Deputy General Director for Operational Excellence and Revamp Strategy, Tomet
Igor Feist, Chief Engineer, Tomet
Ural Urmantsev, Deputy General Director for Development, Ufaorgsintez
Georgy Eliseev, Department Head, Planning and Analysis, Sales and Distribution, Uralchem
Mikhail Golovanov, Industrial Senior Sales Manager, Uralchem
Valentina Kolodinskaya, Project Office Director, Uralchem
Alisher Bakhadirov, Head of Research, Innovation and Localization Department, Uzbekneftegaz
Sergey Basalyk, Commercial Director, Yatec
Andrey Alekseev, Director of Finance and Economics, Yatec