2017 – the year of ecology in Russia

What is the future of used oil re-refining in Russia? Now lubricants producers and importers have to make an important decision on whether they should pay or re-refine. These questions we will discuss during the forth Re-refining Focus Day on 23 May 2017.

Today, industry development is directly dependent on state policy, and the main priorities of the Russian Federation are outlined in the Environmental Doctrine of the Russian Federation and expressed in the following words: ‘Maximum reduction of waste volumes, and regeneration, re-use or re-refining of waste’.

This year only our event will feature a unique presentation from a leading analytical agency Kline & Co.

Kline’s recently completed the Global Used Oil and Re-refined Lubricants market study which has analyzed six different finished lubricant markets accounting for 63% of the total global lubricant demand. An estimated 13 million tons of used oil is generated in five of the six markets covered by the study.