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Analytical Partner

Rupec is the first Russian media focused on petrochemical industry. Rupec is not only offering news and analytical overviews of latest updates in the industry, but inviting audience to interactive discussion through commenting and blogging online. Rupec is the voice for expert community on gas procсessing, polymer and petrochemical industry.

Internet Partner – is a group of information online resources focused on technological aspects of oil and gas industry development.

Lead Media Partners

POLYMERUPDATE is a platform for global players seeking plastics and petrochemical intelligence and is a world renowned provider of real time news and price alerts of products including crude oil, naphtha, aromatics, olefins, polyolefins and petrochemical intermediates.
Credible, neutral and regular reporting has attracted several thousand subscribers who include most of the region’s leading resin producers, processors, distributors, traders, consultant firms, investment bankers, credit rating agencies, as well as front runners in the international information services, news and media companies.
Polymerupdate has helped companies make business critical decisions through its services which are delivered through on-line and smartphone applications.
Petrochemicals Europe
Petrochemicals Europe is the voice of the European petrochemical industry and brings together about 90 member companies. These are companies manufacturing ethylene and propylene from steam cracking and/or other olefins, and/or aromatics for chemical use, and/or major first stage petrochemical derivatives (excluding polymer). Since June 2014 Petrochemicals Europe is the new name for Appe -Association of Petrochemicals Producers in Europe- which was founded in 1985.
Petrochemicals Europe is chaired by Mr Markku Korvenranta, Executive Vice President Base Chemicals at Borealis AG.

Media Partners

DIGITAL REFINING is the refining, gas and petrochemical processing industries reference library of choice, providing a constantly growing database of technical articles, company literature, product brochures, videos, industry news, events and company information.
PTQ is the authoritative magazine covering process technology developments in the refining, gas and petrochemical industries. Each issue of PTQ carries in-depth technical feature articles from around the world charting experiences under operating conditions in improving production or safety or meeting environmental targets. It is the practical and detailed nature of these articles that makes PTQ required reading for engineering decision makers.
NewsBase provides high quality market intelligence to the Energy Sector, ensuring your global team get the right information when they need it.
Our in depth analysis, insight and foresight goes out to over 36,00  C-suite decision makers in the Energy industry.  Founded in 1995 in Edinburgh, Scotland, it is still run and owned by its founders and staff.  Independent, trusted and with unique insights, it has become an industry “must have”.
Argus Media
Argus is an independent media organisation with more than 600 full time staff. Argus is a leading provider of data on prices and fundamentals, news, analysis, consultancy services and conferences for the global crude, oil products, natural gas, electricity, coal, emissions, bioenergy, fertilizer, petrochemical, metals and transportation industries. Data provided by Argus are widely used for indexation of physical trade. Companies, governments and international agencies use Argus information for analysis and planning purposes.
Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters is the world’s leading source of news and information for professional markets. Our customers rely on us to deliver the intelligence, technology and expertise they need to find trusted answers. The business has operated in more than 100 countries for more than 100 years. Thomson Reuters shares are listed on the Toronto and New York Stock Exchanges. For more information, visit
Interfax Russia
Interfax is a privately-held independent major news agency in Russia and information services company headquartered in Moscow.
Нефть и Капитал
Ведущий аналитический журнал нефтегазовой отрасли «Нефть и Капитал» издается с 1994 года. Вся история современной нефтяной отрасли России отражается в истории журнала и на его страницах. 12000 экземпляров ежемесячного издания читают топ-менеджеры, специалисты, аналитики, работающие в нефтегазовой и смежных отраслях, а также все, кто интересуется вопросами ТЭК. Информационно-аналитический портал насчитывает сегодня 50000 уникальных посетителей в месяц.
DMS projects media partners oil & gas
DMS Projects
With headquarters in Bahrain and UAE, DMS Global has been the region’s leading business intelligence and marketing solution provider since 2000. Our business expertise is diversified across global projects tracking, events management, industry debates, digital and multimedia production, exhibitions stand design and industry specific publishing. With offices in 9 countries around the world, we believe that local presence is local knowledge.
Sublime China Information
Sublime China Information Co., Ltd. (abbr. as SCI) – the one to trust for the Chinese commodity market, is the leading intelligence provider for the Chinese commodity market. It was established back in 2004.
Over the past years, taking “neutrality, profession, concentration” as core values, SCI provides market information, consulting, as well as events and exhibition services for energy, chemical, metal and agriculture industry. Up to now, SCI covers 673 commodity markets. Every working day, SCI collects numerous data and information from over 50,000 sites around the world. SCI delivers trusted price information, real-time news, fundamental data, analytics and consulting for our clients. Currently, SCI has over 1,500 employees, including over 800 analysts, researchers and consultants.
Oil and Gas Journal
The Russian language version of Oil&Gas Journal, the world’s oldest magazine about the oil and gas sector, which has been published in the United States by PennWell since 1902.
For more than a hundred years, OGJ has been the most authoritative magazine in the world.
Today it is published in the U.S., Latin America and Russia. Oil&Gas Journal Russia has been published since 2006 as a monthly publication. Approximately 8,000 copies. Standard length 100 pages.
Rossiyskaya Gazeta
«Rossiyskaya Gazeta» is a modern multimedia group that provides readers daily with up-to-date, reliable and relevant information about Russian regional and federal affairs and worldwide events.
The newspaper and its electronic platforms publish news, features, exclusive interviews and comments from public officials and the most powerful representatives of business, politics and culture.
 Today “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” is the leader in terms of audience size in the segment of daily sociopolitical and business newspapers. It is also among the leaders of the media citation rating.
 Media holding of «Rossiyskaya gazeta» include: «Rossiyskaya gazeta» – Daily social and political newspaper; «Rossiyskaya gazeta – Nedelya» – Weekly issue; «Rodina» – Monthly historical magazine; RG.RU – Web portal; «Rossiyskaya gazeta» supplements – Special color thematic supplements
HimOnline – specialized information and analytical portal of the Russian petrochemical industry, quickly covering the major events of the Russian and foreign petrochemical market.
Журнал “Нефтегазохимия” является научным информационным сборником, в котором  публикуется специализированная информация о развитии производства и наукоемких технологий в нефтегазохимической промышленности.
RZHD-Partner will be celebrating its’ 20th anniversary in 2018.
RZHD-Partner is a leading business magazine covering transportations sector in Russia.
It is being distributed in Russia, CIS and neighbouring countries on subscription basis as well as at largest trades and conferences. The magazine’s circulation is 14-15 000 copies.
Oil and Gas Vertical
The Oil and Gas Vertical analytical journal has been in print since 1995 and distributed in 24 publications-per-year form with a circulation of 15,000
Agency Neftegaz.RU– from 2000 г – is the information leader of the Russian energy industry.
Site www.Neftegaz.RU – is the premium business media for oil&gas and petrochemicals industry in Russia and abroad.
Mir Nefteproduktov
Scientific and technical magazine World of oil products. The Oil Companies’ Bulletin – specialized periodic edition (12 numbers per year) of a scientific and practical profile. It holds a leading position among magazines of oil processing and petroleum chemistry.