12 – 13 April 2018  |   Moscow, Russia


What is arguably the world’s most successful company of all time?

Steve Jobs

You guessed it right. It is Apple. And few could argue that the key role in the company’s triumph was played by its founder Steve Jobs. And while Jobs may not be the greatest technologist or engineer of his generation, he was truly a visionary. He sold impressions. His presentations did not just inform the public about the product. They were a mesmerising experience. Jobs turned his product into the object of dreams of each and every one, an invariable attribute of luxury and byword of quality and beauty.

The great entrepreneur knew that today creating a quality product is not enough. We need to constantly look for new tools to promote it, popularise the brand and attract investment in our projects. One of such ways for him were presentations and speeches at conferences.

A good presentation to the right audience can be your driving force for the development of your company or services, an effective way to attract potential clients and partners, and even help to form a personal image.
Every year, hundreds of executives, technical and commercial specialists attend the CIS Petrochemicals conference in the search for fresh ideas, projects and technologies.

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