07 – 08 June   |   Amsterdam, Netherlands


09:00 Chairman’s welcome and conference introduction

09:05 Opening Keynote: IoT as a disrupter - current state of play and future ‘Big Picture’

Technology is leading the way to future profitability. What are the next big innovations? And what will the oil field of the future look like? What direction will future innovation take in the oil and gas sector?

09:30 Industry Insider’s Perspective on Adoption of Digitalisation in the Oil & Gas Industry

What is changing in the engineering and construction industry? What is the future of the project delivery process? This talk presents a summary of the findings from a Strategic Radar process to study the impact of automation and artificial intelligence on the future of project delivery and outlines some suggestions for the changes our industry needs to make in a turbulent and everchanging environment.
Brad Andrews

09:45 Digital Transformation of the Oil and Gas Industry: The role of disruptive technologies and paradigm shift needed to maximise asset value

Oil and gas industry has been digitizing for few decades now and has created very limited value from digitalization in last two decades. The underlying challenges in maximizing asset value can be attributed to slow to no adoption of disruptive technologies like Big Data, IIoTs, Blockchain, Immersive Reality, Robotics and others. In this talk I will discuss the paradigm shift needed to leverage the emerging disruptive technologies at an accelerated pace while achieving the true digital transformation well beyond digitalization. The new approach allows us to create maximum economic value, and prepares us for continuous growth with optimal resources.
Dr Satyam Priyadarshy
Technology Fellow and Chief Data Scientist

10:00 Operator Keynote: Digital Transformation at Oil Company TOTAL

• Culture, workplace and Innovation
• Digital for subsurface
• Digital for industry
• Digital for marketing
Gilles Cochevelou
Chief Digital Officer

10:20 Panel Discussion: The Oil & Gas industry in the digital era – what lies ahead?

Recent crude price reduction has served to reinforce the importance of efficiency and effectiveness right across the industry. Excitingly, this coincides with the technology revolution which has brought about a whole new suite of technologies and applications to bear on the productivity of the industry.
• How will technology reshape supply and demand for natural resources?
• Can digitalisation bring about a core transformation of the industry as witnessed in other industry sectors?
• The oil and gas organisation of the future – digital outlook and preparation
Brad Andrews, President, ADVISIAN DIGITAL
Dr Satyam Priyadarshy, Technology Fellow and Chief Data Scientist, HALLIBURTON
Gilles Cochevelou, Chief Digital Officer, TOTAL

10:50 Technical Demo – IoT Platforms

11:05 Networking Coffee Break & Innovation Playground Tour

11:25 Operator Keynote: Shell – Digital Strategy Roadmap

Anosh Thakkar
Vice President Digitalisation Chief Digital Officer

11:45 Robust & Intelligent Oil & Gas Prediction Systems

An overview of the main ingredients of big data solutions including the role of descriptive, predictive analytics prescriptive, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the potential role of Explainable (AI); Lessons learned from its application in other sectors e.g. in Health, Mobility, Safety and Security and demonstrating how this can be applied by the oil and gas industry for example in intelligent surveillance in oil & gas production.
Anton Leemhuis
Director New Business Reservoir & Production Optimization

12:05 Panel Discussion: Driving IIoT to the next level – Using Big Data and AI to make decisions

The use of Artificial Intelligence in the Energy Industry is evolving faster than most people realise – this discussion panel will discuss its broader use and application in the industry as well as recent and upcoming developments in the space and their implications moving forward
Senior representative, Intel
Anton Leemhuis, Director New Business Reservoir & Production Optimization, TNO
Vegard Medbo, Senior Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company

13:05 Networking Lunch

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14:00 Big Data, Real-time Analytics & the Cloud – Maximising IoT Data for deeper insights

The power of big data analytics in transforming production in the areas of predictive maintenance, forecasting and reaching operational excellence. Presentations will include:
  • Digital Twin – Disruptive leap for design and operation in the O&G industry Asset performance using data analytics and its implications on forecasting and decision making for injection and completion purposes
  • Asset performance using data analytics and its implications on forecasting and decision making for injection and completion purposes
  • Agile Architecture and Delivery to Re-Purpose IT Assets for M&A
Lars Meløe
Regional Director Energy
Kongsberg Digital


Alan Kiraly
Senior VP Asset Performance
Bentley Systems


Noorddin Taj
Strategy and Architecture Leader
BP Global


Thomas Friedmann
Senior Executive


Luc Goossens
Senior Executive

15:30 Technical Demo – Data visualization platforms by Bentley Systems

15:45 Networking Coffee Break & Innovation Playground

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16:00 Panel Session: Capturing Value from Blockchain in the oil and gas industry

Blockchain technology is garnering incredible attention for its applicability across sectors. To date, the technology has had little impact on the oil and gas industry, but given the data-intensive opportunities available through the growth and expansion of the Internet of Things, blockchain could be an important vessel to carry the industry’s data transformation forward. This session will examine its particular fit as a foundational technology in the energy sector.
Senior representative, Intel

16:50 Panel Session: What are the conditions for successful engagement between oil and gas operators and the IoT ecosystem?

Discussing partnerships between technology providers, EPC companies and O&G operators
• Has the role of EPCs changed and what should they do in order to be prepared to face high expectations from oil and gas operators?
• Are oil and gas companies ready to share their data with technology providers to achieve operational excellence?
• Which digital technologies are oil and gas operators most focused on?
• How to create an integrated business strategy which can be flexible enough to adapt to the fast changes of technologies but rigorous with the high standards of the industry?
Anosh Thakkar, Vice President Digitalisation Chief Digital Officer, Shell
Mr Gilles Cochevelou, Chief Digital Officer, Total
Elgonda La Grange, Director Digital Solutions, Dresser Rand, a Siemens Company

18:00 Evening Reception

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09:00 Chairman’s welcome and opening remarks

09:05 Spotlight on Operational Safety, Control and Cyber Security

This session will address key concerns in protecting sensitive data and infrastructures as well as the challenges of IT/OT convergence with real-life stories from the field, describing actual industrial operational safety, control and security projects and lessons learned.
• Overcoming challenges to keep the Internet of Things ecosystem connected and safe
• Strengthening security at high risk oil, gas, refining and petrochemical facilities – understanding vulnerability assessments and implementing risk based protection programmes designed to deter and mitigate against attack
• Managing human factors in information security, human transformation and employee up skilling
• Understanding the role digitization can play in HSE and bringing about less safety risk and improving environmental foot print in the industry
• Case study presentations
Andrew Tsonchev
Director of Technology


Senior representative



Senior representative

10:40 Combining Intelligence and Robotics Technology – Discussing the opportunities and possibilities

An IoT infrastructure is required to bring robotic and automated systems to life. Houston Mechatronics partnered with Schlumberger to create an IoT infrastructure for SLB’s “Rig of the Future”. The RoF promises 30% reduction in time to construct a typical land well through automation. This presentation will discuss other examples of the interplay with IoT, automation and robotics.
Mathew Ondler
President and CEO
Houston Mechatronics

11:00 Technical Demo – Cyber and Physical Security

11:15 Networking Coffee Break & Innovation Playground Tour

11:30 Parallel Sessions: Igniting the profit engine using IIoT-enabled technologies ­ case studies, lessons learned & practical ideas to implement

This session will be split into 2 parallel streams to allow for more focused, sector specific discussions


Oscar Abbink

Use case presentation: Data platform – the key to unlock data in a safe and secure way
One of Statoil’s earliest digitalisation decisions was to create a data platform as a mechanism to unlock data from silo systems and to facilitate integration of functional services. This presentation will share the experience from two proof of concepts that Statoil did in 2017
Einar Landre
Lead Analyst

Use case presentation: Seadrill’s Digital Transformation
This presentation will look at the Digital Journey for Seadrill focussing on Advanced Analytics and UEX.
Sarah Loftus
Head of ISIT strategy and Architecture

Taking oil and gas exploration to the next level – Edge analytics
Senior representative

Digital Connected Wells for optimizing Life Cycle of Wells
Senior representative


Use case presentation: Digital transformation of downstream operations at MOL – a success story
Tibor Komroczki
Head of Process Information & Automation

Next generation terminal management operations
Thorsten Klingspor
Head of Development, SAP® Technologies

Use case presentation: Digital roadmap for Petronas – providing a new user experience for our workforce
Sharul A Rashid
Principal Engineer, Instrument and Control

Use case presentation: Training through interactive experience and gamified learning model
Jesús Muelas Parraga
Senior Researcher

13:00 Networking Lunch

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14:00 AGILE brainstorming session: Overcoming the main challenges of implementing IIoT projects in oil & gas operations

Discussion Group A: What do we need to ensure interoperability?
Facilitator: Stephen Mellor Chief Technology Officer, Industrial Internet Consortium
Discussion Group B: Breaking data silos and cultural silos in oil and gas companies
Facilitator: Thomas Friedmann and Luc Goossens, Siemens
Discussion Group C: Data sharing & knowledge sharing. Enablers and blockers of innovation in implementing IoT in projects.
Discussion Group D: Legacy vs new projects. How to create a coherent digitalization journey in an oil and gas company
Discussion Group E: How can oil & gas businesses step up the pace to become agile through digital methodologies?
Each group spends 15 minutes discussing each challenge. Afterwards, the chairman of each brainstorming group will go on stage and will present in 5 minutes the conclusions of the discussions. There will be a 20 minutes’ debate between chairmen and audience about the best practices identified for oil and gas companies.

15:00 Technical Demo – Next Generation Terminal Management Operations - by Implico

15:15 Networking Coffee Break & Innovation Playground Tour

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15:40 Panel Discussion: What do we need to accelerate the development of Industrial IoT?

Industrial IoT is hot at the moment, but there is great deal of potential yet to be realized. A recent paper from the World Economic Forum identifies the first stage as simply improving asset efficiency. That part is ‘easy’. But what about efficiencies of across fleets or selling outcomes rather than leasing them or making them more efficient? And what happens when we begin to connect sectors? Especially as each sector is so different? This panel will examine some enablers that we need to accelerate these developments. Key takeaways will include things to watch out for, areas that need work, potential mitigation and some paths forward.
Stephen Mellor
Chief Technology Officer

16:25 Closing Keynote – Preparing for Change

The fundamental technological trends presently are more connectivity across sectors and more capability to analyze large quantities of data cheaply. But no one knows where those technological trends will take us, so we need to prepare for change. We must have strategies in multiple areas, including at least:
• Security for everything.
• Innovation and funding
• Learning, deployment and competitiveness
Stephen Mellor, Chief Technology Officer, INDUSTRIAL INTERNET CONSORTIUM

17:00 Chairman’s closing remarks and end of conference