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The Industry Technology Facilitator (ITF) represents its membership of international oil and gas operating and service companies to bring forward collaborative funding for research and development initiatives that address shared technology challenges.



The Oil & Gas Technology Centre is an industry-led research and knowledge organisation. We are backed by both the UK and Scottish governments to fund and direct projects and technology-based companies that help to maximise economic recovery and unlock the full potential of the UK North Sea. We aim to be the go-to technology centre for the oil and gas industry in the UK and internationally.


Security and trust are fundamental to the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) systems.  IoTSF is the global home for IoT security and the natural home for IoT product and service vendors, network providers, technology adopters, researchers and industry professionals.

The mission of IoTSF is to help secure the Internet of Things, in order to aid its adoption and maximise its benefits.  To do this, IoTSF promotes knowledge and clear best practice in appropriate security to those who specify, make and use IoT products and systems.

IoTSF is an international, collaborative and vendor-neutral initiative led by industry and inclusive of all technology providers and service beneficiaries.  Learn more about IoTSF at


Oil Information Technology Journal is a monthly newsletter focusing on oil and gas information technology. Coverage spans upstream geology and geophysics through drilling, production and distribution to plant data management, finance and e-business. 

Oil IT Journal has a track record of providing clear and impartial analysis of the technical issues behind data management, data modelling and application software. Industry news is covered in a timely manner – including corporate mergers and sales, new software, national data banks, collaborative industry projects.


The Russian language version of Oil&Gas Journal, the world’s oldest magazine about the oil and gas sector, which has been published in the United States by PennWell since 1902.

For more than a hundred years, OGJ has been the most authoritative magazine in the world.

Today it is published in the U.S., Latin America and Russia. Oil&Gas Journal Russia has been published since 2006 as a monthly publication. Approximately 8,000 copies. Standard length 100 pages.


i-SCOOP provides publications, educational resources, training and hands-on consulting regarding integrated marketing, digital business, transformation and organizational processes.


Oil and Gas Advancement is a leading information centric website. On one side Oil and Gas has established itself as one of the most efficient and comprehensive source of information online, dedicated to providing decision makers in all the Oil & Gas industry sectors with reliable, accurate and useful insight into the happenings in the Oil and Gas sector.


Embedded Computing Design is the go-to, trusted property for information regarding embedded design and development. We cultivate the largest global community of embedded designers through our content leadership channels, including blogs, design articles, videos, news, and product information. Coverage comes in the form of digital (websites, E-casts, interactive magazines, newsletters, online education, apps, videos, and social media), print magazines, and live events. Applications covered include IoT, Automotive, Medical, Industrial, Development Kits, Consumer, Digital Signage, and more.

DIGITAL REFINING is the refining, gas and petrochemical processing industries reference library of choice, providing a constantly growing database of technical articles, company literature, product brochures, videos, industry news, events and company information. 


PTQ is the authoritative magazine covering process technology developments in the refining, gas and petrochemical industries. Each issue of PTQ carries in-depth technical feature articles from around the world charting experiences under operating conditions in improving production or safety or meeting environmental targets. It is the practical and detailed nature of these articles that makes PTQ required reading for engineering decision makers.


Control Engineering Russia is a peer-reviewed professional scientific & technical journal for developers and system intefrators in the world of controlling, automatics and equipments in Russia.

Control Engineering Russia (CER) reaches over 2,500 subscribers with its print version, and more than 7,000 subscribers receive the digital version of CER.


IoT ONE is the most trusted source for structured information about the Industrial Internet of Things (Industry 4.0).

The platform provides users with transparent and comprehensive information about IoT vendors, solutions and technologies to enable buyers to rapidly identify the best solution on the market.

IoT ONE also curates offline conferences, delegations and executive reports to educate senior leadership and policy makers on the IoT technology landscape.


Worldoils is a company that combines the power of marketing as well as the in-house expertise for the Oil, Gas, Offshore and the Maritime industries. Worldoils’ web portal has become a truly central platform for visitors who need information regarding oil and gas products and services, research, training, conferences, news and events as well as a popular advertising base for providers of Oil, Gas, Marine and Offshore services.


With 250,000+ members, (GOG) is the primary online gateway to the Oil and Gas markets. GOG provides a B2B platform for engineers and technical professionals responsible for specifying projects and making purchasing decisions. GOG solution portfolio provides business developers with a One Stop Shop for Market intelligence and Marketing needs.