6 – 7 June 2019  |   Amsterdam, Netherlands

Not your average business trip

Last year in June, one of our partners approached us with a big challenge. They wanted to create a truly memorable experience for the audience to increase brand recognition and differentiate them from other participating companies. Our team came up with a brave idea – we organized a boat trip to an evening cocktail reception for all conference attendees.

And results were amazing:

LinkedIn feeds were filled with pictures of Amsterdam canals, smiling faces, and joy (and comments from jealous colleagues).

The boat trip was a true ice breaker, with delegates enjoying an informal environment for making new long-lasting connections.

If you ask delegates what they remember the most from the conference, they always mention the boat trip organized by our partner.

This is how we approach partnerships

We listen to you carefully when you tell us about your business objectives. We are working hard and being creative when we develop a partnership package tailored for your company. We are delivering high-quality results throughout all of our work.

This year, among early partners we already have:

Customise your own partnership package

Take a look at the conference brochure and our website for more information.  If you are interested to join, we welcome you to customize your own partnership package. Choose from the options below, and we will get in touch with you to discuss what we can offer for your company.

1 - Thought leadership

You are ready to take a center stage in front of the large oil & gas digitalization audience to present your case study,  inspire, and generate new business connections and leads.

Become a leading voice in the industry.

3 - Branding

You want to make a memory so that the next time one of the conference delegates thinks of oil & gas digitalization companies – they have your logo in mind.

Position your company in the market.

2 - Exhibition

You are confident that it’s better to see your product once than to hear about it thousand times – this is why we have an exhibition area at the conference and technical demonstration breaks.

Showcase your product to highly relevant audience.

4 - Enhanced networking

You are coming for serious networking with your target clients, but conferences can be quite noisy for that. That’s why we offer to host a private lunch with the people you want to meet.

Make a long-lasting business connections.

 1 - Thought leadership: become a leading voice in the industry 2 - Exhibition: showcase your product to highly relevant audience 3 - Branding: position your company in the market 4 - Enhanced networking: make a long-lasting business connections I want to receive more information on the event

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