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The Association of oil service companies of Kazakhstan was established in 2011 with the aim to unite and consolidate the efforts of all service companies working in the oil and gas and mining fields.
The Association suggests jointly representing the interests of its participants in the regions of the country where the service business is run. Also the Association suggests co-operating with the state bodies to increase the efficiency of the work in the service industry in general and the concrete service companies in particular.
Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association CERBA
The Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association was founded in 2004 with a mandate to enhance and support trade, investment and good relations between the countries of Canada, Eurasia and Russia. CERBA is a unique non- for-profit organisation having a network of over 140 corporations. As an association, CERBA provides an extensive network of contacts in the private and public sectors with frequent events, informative seminars on pertinent topics in the Eurasian market, a bi-annual business summit, a quarterly printed Newsletter, committees of the Canada-Russia Business Council (CRBC) and Canada-Kazakhstan Business Council (CKBC), and annual trade missions. Additionally, CERBA provides market intelligence, advocates with the Canadian and Eurasian government on key issues and manages active sector-based committees to promote partnership between CERBA members and their counterparts in Eurasia.

Media Partners

Sputnik Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan
Sputnik is a modern news agency whose products include newsfeeds, websites, social networks, mobile apps, radio broadcasts and multimedia press centres.
Sputnik HQ is located in Moscow. Regional offices are located in key regions and countries around the world, including the United States (Washington, DC), China (Beijing), France (Paris), Germany (Berlin), Egypt (Cairo) and the UK (London and Edinburgh).
The agency covers global political and economic news targeting an international audience.
Agency Neftegaz.RU– from 2000 г – is the information leader of the Russian energy industry.
Site www.Neftegaz.RU – is the premium business media for oil&gas and petrochemicals industry in Russia and abroad.
Forbes – the most widely read business journal in the world – was founded in 1917. The publishing group includes Forbes Woman and Forbes Life.
In 2011, the magazine appeared on the territory of Kazakhstan. Its concept is based on the exclusivity of information. The magazine offers readers interesting stories about entrepreneurs, presents new ideas and trends, and explores the causes of business failures.
Forbes Kazakhstan – a magazine about wealth: on how to earn, save and spend money.
The circulation of the magazine is 10,000 copies.
When choosing the topics, Forbes Kazakhstan seeks to show the life of a successful person.
The magazine publishes the results of research on the incomes of the leaders of the largest Kazakhstani companies and the ratings of the richest and most influential businessmen of the country.
Forbes Kazakhstan – we write business history.
Petroleum Journal
The Petroleum Magazine has been publishing in Almaty, Kazakhstan since 2000. It is a best sample of the magazine production and an elite analytical edition designed for investors, political scientists and economists operating on the Kazakhstan market. The journal’s themes are new projects, development of fields, production, processing, transportation of oil and gas, presentation of companies, interviews with the heads of profile ministries and national companies, statistics on production of hydrocarbons, monitoring of the investment legislation. The magazine is published 6 times a year. The magazine’s languages: English and Russian.
InnovOil is a technology-driven, monthly digital magazine which provides a platform for sharing innovation, ideas and expertise across the oil and gas sector. NewsBase provides solicited and trusted information to a database of active C- Suite subscribers, meaning you can be sure that your article or advert will be seen and – most importantly – read. With multichannel delivery, digital archives and fully-searchable content, InnovOil offers truly interactive and effective media exposure to oil and gas professionals in over 80 countries. Check out our website and sign up for our newsletter.
NewsBase provides high quality market intelligence to the Energy Sector, ensuring your global team get the right information when they need it.
Our in depth analysis, insight and foresight goes out to over 36,00 C-suite decision makers in the Energy industry. Founded in 1995 in Edinburgh, Scotland, it is still run and owned by its founders and staff. Independent, trusted and with unique insights, it has become an industry “must have”.